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Mentoring the Next Generation of Scientists

Mentoring the Next Generation of Scientists

Faculty in one department have a long term commitment to hosting mentored research experiences for undergraduates with the goal of igniting their passion for discovery and sparking career interest in the sciences.

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Family Values

It is a question that has puzzled evolutionary biologists for years: Why did we stop being promiscuous and decide to settle down to start families? Sergey Gavrilets, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, may have found the answer, and it lies in the power of female choice.

Mysteries Surround Fossilized Remains

Imagine how lucky you would feel to discover and hold one treasured fossil in the palm of your hand. Now imagine holding 240 fossils. Emily Napier did just that her senior year when she conducted research on edrioasteriods entombed in a rock, and the results she found on the estimated 280 million-year-old, starfish-like fossils were surprising.