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Someone to Listen

Life is filled with personal challenges such as the loss of a loved one or a dysfunctional relationship. When challenges are too great to handle alone, talking with an expert can help.

‘Reality’ CSI

‘Reality’ CSI

UT’s Forensic Anthropology Program engages faculty and students in the realties of real crime scene investigation and forensic science. Not surprisingly, their work debunks the romanticized and glamorous myths of television CSI.

Deborah Welsh

Faculty Close-Up

College professors typically say they feel privileged to engage in a profession they love. Their quest for knowledge and passionate commitment to teaching and learning extends beyond a career to become a way of life. In this new feature, meet world-class scholars who are experts in their field of study. Become acquainted with the scholarly life as each issue introduces a fascinating member of the faculty in the college.

Analyzing Uncertainty

Most of us avoid risk and uncertainty! But not Dr. Gregory Button, assistant professor in UTK’s Department of Anthropology. After decades of researching major disasters in the U.S., Button has discovered useful insights regarding risk and uncertainty which inform policymakers in their response to crises.