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Hitting the Right Notes

UT aspires to join an elite group of universities, schools, and conservatories in becoming an All-Steinway School, providing students and faculty in the School of Music with the highest-quality pianos from Steinway & Sons. Achieving this distinction will have a transformative impact on music education, from the practice room to the recital hall. Students and faculty alike are all “keyed” up about it.

The Road Taken—Student Discovers the Paths to His Dreams Converge in Arts and Sciences

Andy Rogers never imagined that his passions for both medicine and musical theatre would converge on the same path, but now he has spanned the boundaries of art and science, music and medicine, and education and entertainment in a one-of-a-kind independent project that has him well on his way to sharing his dream with the rest of the world.

Art Works for the Community

Art Works for the Community

Lasting professional benefits unavailable elsewhere to participating students and faculty members, a helping hand to cash-strapped community nonprofits, and functional esthetic enhancements to the community—could any project offer more than service-learning in public art?